TBI, Substance Use, and the Affect on Family Support

Jan discusses the importance and the impact of family support during recovery.

My family has been very, very supportive, and my gratitude is in that they love me where I am, and they realize that I'm not going to do it according to the way they would like me to do it, and sometimes I think it's really hard for them because I look normal or healthy or well, and so--I mean--I can remember through the years going to my mother's house, and I would just go in and I would sit down. And she thought I was lazy and that I wouldn't do anything to be helpful, and so it was really challenging. Then after my second injury, when I got really sick and couldn't care for myself, they were very frightened because I would have episodes and seizures and things like that, and they were in Washington D.C., and I was here in Virginia. And I had a partner and caregiver, and that was really helpful, but my mom was often really quite frightened, and so they've been thrilled to watch me come back. And--you know--I had made some vow when I graduated that I wasn't moving back home, no matter what, and so my willfulness can sometimes be a challenge for them, but we are still very close and stay in touch with one another quite regularly.
Posted on BrainLine August 5, 2009.