Reveling in the "Universe Between Our Ears" — Especially After a TBI

The philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre said that humans are "condemned to freedom." One freedom would be to focus on looking for the greatness in others and ourselves, no matter our plight.

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This universe between our ears is remarkable. One of the ways you spell hope is through research. Another way you spell hope is through neuroplasticity. With the appropriate rehabilitation, the appropriate behavioral interventions, it's amazing what can be done for people with severe traumatic brain injuries. All behavior is a brain thing. Sartre says, "We're condemned to freedom." We are equally free to do good things as we are bad things. That's hard. It'd be easier to be in the Garden of Eden and not have to do anything. But we're condemned to freedom. So it's difficult to do the right thing sometimes. One of the things about doing the right thing is to look for greatness in others. But especially with people who are in great difficulty with a brain injury, or caregivers who are totally exhausted because of their responsibilities. One of the things that those individuals cannot forget is to look for greatness inside themselves. Greatness inside themselves.
Posted on BrainLine February 14, 2013.

Produced by Victoria Tilney McDonough, Justin Rhodes, and Erica Queen, BrainLine.