Recovery from Brain Injury Occurs for the Rest of a Person's Life

The human brain is a wonderful organ. And recovery from a TBI may not occur in leaps and bounds, but recovery is lifelong and many symptoms resolve with rehabilitation and time.

Posted on BrainLine October 24, 2011.

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About the author: David Hovda, PhD

David Hovda, PhD is the director of the UCLA Brain Injury Research Center. He is past president of the National Neurotrauma Society and past president of the International Neurotrauma Society.  He has served as chair of study sections for the National Institute for Neurological Disease and Stroke.

David Hovda

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Hopefully life is good. I had a TBI July 15, 2014.
My story: Fell 30 feet from the roof of our home, working on residing our home. Retired less than 3 weeks prior to TBI (teacher 62 years young).
Hospital: 2 weeks ICU (wife says life or death), 1week more in same hospital and then moved to Helen Hayes Rehabilitation Hospital for 4 weeks (TOTAL HOSPITAL TIME = 7 weeks).
After Week 6 plus realized who I was and where I was.
THERAPIES: physical, vestibular, speech, occupational and visual.
Therapies took place NY State, University of Utah and home therapy.
Thinking out of the box therapies: neurofeedback and HBOT.
Standard therapies were helpful BUT the thinking out of box therapies were far superior.
HBOT WAS A LIFE CHANGER, SUBSTANTIALLY THE MOST EFFECTIVE THERAPY I HAVE DONE. is an excellent website BUT reading it again today, saying to my beautiful wife so disappointed they have never mentioned HBOT in the website. The most useful TOOL for a TBI person and others.
My hope is this story changes that. I read this website because you care, PLEASE continue to show you care.
LIFE CHANGER: no more needed said.
Thank you and enjoy your day.