"Putting the Intense in IOP" - A year's worth of PTSD treatment in two weeks

Dr. Erin Fletcher shares details about the intensive outpatient program (IOP) at Wounded Warrior Project (WWP)'s Warrior Care Network. Veterans taking part in Warrior Care Network receive a year’s worth of mental health care during a 2-3 week IOP using evidenced-based treatments and alternative therapies. Erin Fletcher, Psy.D. is the director of Wounded Warrior Project's Warrior Care Network.

So, in this two weeks, participants are engaging in over 50 hours of clinical care, So, it's almost a year's worth of treatment in this two-week model. And so, you know, we joke that this is really putting the intense in Intensive Outpatient Treatment because we know that we have that individual for such a short amount of time. And particularly with post-traumatic stress disorder, one of the primary symptoms is avoidance, so it's really easy, you know, for someone to be overcome by that, and to feel, you know. Once they start addressing some of those more challenging symptoms associated with PTSD, doing that in a more traditional outpatient setting, it can be hard to want to come back, you know, despite how warm and caring the clinician is. It's hard to not be overtaken by some of this avoidance. And so coming to treatment, knowing that you're going to get this done in two weeks. And, you know, the outcomes are incredible and, you know, patients report feeling better, you know, on day two of treatment and so they get a taste of what life could feel like and how different things can be and so they stay engaged and they're busy.

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Posted on BrainLine November 18, 2022. Reviewed November 18, 2022.

About the author: Erin Fletcher, PsyD

Erin Fletcher, Psy.D. serves as the Warrior Care Network Director for Wounded Warrior Project (WWP). In this role, Erin ensures synergy across all WWP mental health programs. Erin collaborates with the four Academic Medical Centers that compromise WWP’s Warrior Care Network to foster Network alignment regarding program implementation and delivery.

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