Our Roles Flipped After Hugh's Bike Crash

Rosemary explains how the traditional roles of husband and wife did a 180-degree flip after Hugh's TBI and how she managed.

I think our roles after the accident changed in the sense that our roles actually flipped. Prior to the accident, Hugh was very athletic. He was a very traditional father, going to work and working out, and he was a coach. And I was working out of the home and running around with the kids a lot. And so it was just everybody had their roles, and then suddenly he's completely incapacitated and you feel like a single parent. It's frightening beyond belief. But then I really did draw on a lot of things that I had seen Hugh do over the years in coaching, and a different side of me had to come out to help him then. So our roles just flipped.
Posted on BrainLine January 22, 2013.