Olympic Hopeful Lesley LaMasurier on the Importance of Wearing a Helmet

Skier Lesley LeMasurier was going 80 mph down the slopes when she fell. "I don't want to imagine what would have happened if I hadn't been wearing a helmet."

This is an excerpt from BrainLine's webcast Concussion: Understanding Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. See full webcast here.

My question is for Leslie. How would you recommend talking to a 20-year-old, who is not really interested in wearing their helmet on the slopes? Basically, they don't want to be in my position ever, where I'm watching from the lodge, and I'm not thinking. I'm looking at 20-year-old's thinking, "Oh, they look nerdy in their helmets." I'm thinking--you know--"They look like they're about to go do what I want to do." And I--even though I was going 80 miles an hour and was wearing a helmet, injury will still occur--you know--if you're wearing a helmet. So you should take that extra precaution. If you're not wearing a helmet, I wouldn't--just like I just said-- I wouldn't want to imagine what would've happened, had I not been wearing the helmet. It would've been much more severe, so I would just say, "Suck up your pride, and wear the helmet."
Posted on BrainLine May 27, 2011.