Michael Paul Mason Talks About What Happens to People Post-TBI

BrainLine got the chance to catch up with Michael Paul Mason about his role as a brain injury case manager and writer and talked with him about what happens to people with TBI after the injury.

Posted on BrainLine December 1, 2008.

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Why can't there be more neurologist who can see you have a brain injury six months after falling back and hitting the concreate.I have photosensitivity and vertigo.Also when I'm in a car on bumpy roads I'm like a rag doll and get dizzy.

Could this cause a 2 yr old.boy not being not able to speak

I fell on December 11,2019. I fell from a step stool hit concrete floor with back of head! I was at work. I’m still off of work and it’s almost end of February! It seems I have a different diagnosis every time I see Dr. From numbness and tingling now. The dizziness seems to of gotten better, but then headaches started! I’ll look up brain Injury Association and hopefully they can help me!

My son, now 19, has had a few concussions. His 1st was at about 10 months old, and 2 playing football in high school. He is now worried because he is struggling with random headaches, short term memory loss, and insomnia though when he actually sleeps , its 10-16 hours at a time and is impossible to wake up. His dr is playing ot off like normal teenager actions, but my son is really scared. Who can help him, where can i take him for answers??

I feel off the side of steps on the right side of my head and shoulder when I was two years old. I fell from the first level to the basement floor. I was about a third of the way down from the top, fell knocked myself unconscious and had a broke color bone. I woke up in the car on the way to the hospital. What could this do to cognitive and mental abilities at later ages from 50 years and up?

You may find your whole being affected, mentally, physically, psychologically & have no understanding why. What isn't seeming normal IS real but little recognized even by neurologists. And while there are a few things that may help, they may not. But find a doctor who cares. And do your own research, too. It's yours. You have to own it & do what you can. There are new things being discovered every day. Things that hold promise. Even in our later years.

I was hit by a pickup truck while I was crossing the street in a cross-walk in April 2016. I was knocked unconscious and diagnosed with a TBI. I missed 8 months of work, and went back in December of 2016. Since then, I have only missed one day of work due to headaches (June 2016) However, all of a sudden I have started having severe headaches in the past week. Should I be concerned?

Yes! See your doctor, or neurologist if you have one. It may be unrelated but your brain is too precious to take a chance with.

I feel as though I have a brain injury and CT scan shows I have had several mini strokes.