The Many Benefits of Family or Couples Therapy After TBI

Family or couples therapy after someone has a brain injury can help with strategies to deal with the new TBI-related issues but can also address some of the issues the family or couple may have had prior to the injury.

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So in thinking about the uniqueness of individuals, couples, and families after one person has had a traumatic brain injury, in many ways, they're not that unique. They are individuals, couples, and families just like you and me who up until the time the injury occurred were doing all of the regular things that families and couples and people do. And then there was a car accident or a fall or someone had a stroke and so in that sense, there's an added layer of complexity on top of what these individuals are experiencing, but underneath that injury layer of complexity, there's also still all of those pre-existing dynamics that were there before the injury. And one thing that we look at as clinicians is not just addressing the elements of the injury and how that has impacted families, but also looking at everything that was there before with families, and you know, I think one of the great things about doing therapy and clinical work is sometimes there was a great deal of difficulty that people were experiencing before the injury, and they never went to therapy or they never go any help for it, and then having an injury like this can also be a very well-disguised blessing in the sense that people actually do get help for the injury and then an opportunity to address all of those other things that happened before.
Posted on BrainLine January 8, 2013.

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