LoveYourBrain Yoga and Meditation for Brain Injury


This 7-hour online training we filmed in collaboration with Yoga International is designed for anyone interested in learning about how the brain operates, what happens when it’s injured, and how yoga and meditation can be used for healing. We dive into the most common types of acquired brain injury, including TBI, stroke, hypoxia/anoxia, tumor, and share practical tools for adapting yoga and meditation to meet the unique needs of these populations.

(This training does not certify yoga teachers to teach in the LoveYourBrain Yoga program).

Whether you realize it or not, you know somebody who's been affected by brain injury. So we are really excited to offer the LoveYourBrain brain yoga and meditation teacher training designed for this population. Brain injury is complex. It affects people physically, socially, emotionally, so the dynamic and multifaceted nature of yoga gives it tremendous potential to foster healing. Not only does yoga offer a pathway to manage stress and to improve strength but, for us, what has been most powerful is that it gives people an opportunity to reframe their injury instead of defining it by a sense of loss to instead use it as an opportunity to look inward connect with and understand themselves more deeply and their capacity to move forward. This training is designed for yoga teachers looking to integrate practical tools and skills for making your class more brain injury centered. It is also for anyone interested in learning more about how the brain operates what happens when it
is injured and how yoga and meditation can be used for healing. In this training we will cover neuroanatomy and physiology, what brain injury is, and many of the common symptoms and challenges faced, as well as how to tailor asana meditation and yoga nidra practices for this community. We have included a variety of practical activities as well as three gentle asana practices -- one designed for the floor, one designed for the chair, as well as a standing practice, and also included a yoga nidra practice to enhance self love and acceptance. You will also receive a very comprehensive teacher training manual that you can use as an ongoing resource for learning. There are millions of people affected by brain injury so if you want to be able to skillfully teach yoga and meditation to this underserved community this training is for you. We hope you'll join us. It will be an honor to teach you.

Posted on BrainLine December 2, 2021. Reviewed December 2, 2021.

Shared with permission from LoveYourBrain