Living with a Traumatic Brain Injury

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I was 22 when I had a severe TBI. I’ve had 33 surgeries over the past 13 years. I was in a coma for 2 months and in the hospital for a year. I tried to work and go back to who I was, it took time, but I discovered I would never be the person I once was. It was terrible in a lot of ways, but it also changed my life in the better for the most. The main thing is I’ve learned to appreciate life and everyday I’m given. I’m now in an electric wheelchair at the age of 35 with 2 teenagers but I continue learning new ways to continue and I even started a nonprofit this year called Arrive Alive giving rides to people who have been drinking. Driving is the only thing I can do between the TBI and physical problems, but I get enough in donations to get by and still feel like I have self worth. It took me a long time to get here, but it can be done. I wasn’t married and never did. I also had no living parents. With the help of my team I learned how to find recourses and that has also been great for helps others who have become disabled and don’t know what to do or where to turn.

Klair, I also have had several TBI's and you happened to type your blog on my birthday. I am now struggling with what I plan to do for my future and I am currently working with a team of others to come up with this. My brain injury causes me not to find pleasure in anything anymore.
I wanted to let you know that I was not only encouraged by your message but you are amazing. Keep blessing others with your God given gifts.

I had a severe TBI at age 16, was in a coma for 44 days, lost my sense of smell, my lung collapsed and I have the worst memory ever. I get depressed all the time. Is there any hope or help...?
My future is ruined bc I can't even remember people that I meet and that know me

I know what u going through I had a car wreck n 04 hit by a drunk driver I was n a coma two months couldn't breath on my own I have brain injury I have to live with it to stan

I had a tbi at age 5. Now I'm 73 still living with repercussions of that injury, and dealing with how it is affecting the normal aging process.

I had a tbi at age 5 also , but Now I’m 20 years old. And my life feels worthless . I’m like Trap in my own mind .. what should I do ?

Hello Yvonne, I too am living with life after TBI's. The experiences I had working previously in nursing were with some people who were living with Alzheimer's had previously at some point in their life had a head injury (different degree of TBI's) I have always wondered if I would be a victim this is not a proven fact but it does happen. Just curious are you dealing with any issues with this disease. I am currently attending workshops on this topic as well. May your future be blessed.

I had a bicycle accident at 11 yrs old myself and suffering from the results from my surgery -- pain in my head, memory, cognitive issues relating to impulses.