Importance of Concussion Education

Educate everyone involved about concussion — from the player and his parents to the coach and the teammates.

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The most important thing we can do to determine whether someone has had a concussion on the field is educate everyone involved with regard to how serious the consequences of concussion and multiple concussions can be. [Jeffrey Barth, PhD, ABPP-CN Director Brain Injury&Sports Concussion Institute] [University of Virginia School of Medicine] If we educate and make it important to the player that he report his symptoms, we won't have to depend on a coach looking for those sorts of things. And in fact, it's inappropriate for the coach to be doing that or be assigned that duty. They are involved in the game. That needs to be something that the athletic trainers, if there is one available, team physicians, and others pay attention to. If the student has been properly educated, they will know how important this is not only to their well-being, but actually, to their being able to play the sport. If they play through a concussion and get another concussion shortly thereafter, it can not only have serious consequences for them, but it can keep them out for the rest of the season. So reporting your symptoms is important, and we need to make that important to the student, but to the coaches as well, so they will reinforce that with their players.
Posted on BrainLine October 20, 2010. Reviewed December 20, 2017.

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