I'm Still Me - A Song About Living with Brain Injury

“I'm Still Me" was written and performed by Ranj Singh at Blue Frog Studios in White Rock, BC on Oct 4, 2016.  This song is a tribute to the people at Semiahmoo House Society Acquired Brain Injury Services, Surrey, BC.

Special thanks to Sylvia Hoeree, Program Coordinator ABI Services

Jon Rowthorn - Video Camera and Editing
Pat Glover - Audio
Kelly Breaks - Video Camera
Daniel Besser - Lighting
Claire Hancock - Production Assistant


It was a November of last year, 2015 where I sent out an email to get some information about groups that were helping folks with brain injuries and through that I met Sylvia and she
emailed me back and she had invited me to play at the Surrey API acquired brain injury group. So three different groups that get together on a weekly basis on different days so I got to meet a whole buncha new folks. And I remember the first time I played I was scared I was nervous but everything went well and they invited me back and then some of the folks who are listening at least
shy and stay out of the way and stay in the back. Then all of a sudden the more times like I started coming to more moved forward some started singing along some started smiling some started tapping their toes and it's just been a magical ride since then. But I came up with this idea of should we write a song together and so for the three different groups and all these different folks that were there we would ask questions. Myself, Sylvia, and Rodney we would ask what was life like before and after, and we when we took your thoughts, well I took your thoughts and penned them down into a song called "I'm still me" because at the bottom line, that the theme common theme amongst everybody, was I'm still me inside. I'm still the same person. I wish people would see that because a lot of bloody folks shared stories how friends and family have stopped coming over and seeing you and visiting and how many people just dropped you because of this and inside your life. No man, I'm still me, so get to know me. So like I said before if this song ever becomes a hit, I will not share royalties with any of you. Thank you,thank you very much. It's all about me. But that's the story behind the song it's some beautiful words there were stories that were shared. I mean you spilled your hearts out to us so thank you for that.

[song begins]
life's a mystery my friend
sometimes we do sometimes we win
one wrong turn has led me here I'll ride
the storm and bury all my fears
I'll write this storm and never show my
I live my life in the fast lane
walking in the slow lane but that's
cuz I'm alright with me amidst the life
I used to lay home but I have so much
more to do and I just wish everyone
would see
that I'll still need
I may not remember but I won't forget
memories are somewhere in my head
and I may not know the words to this
song but I'll smile now pretend you sing along
I'll grace you with my smile and sing along
I'm sorry if my words aren't clear I'm
still the same man I'm still here don't
need no pity
I don't need your team
just give me a moment of your time here
my words
you will find there's so much more so
much more than
you see I'm still me
you'll see
still me
can't you see
I'm still me
thank you

Posted on BrainLine August 20, 2021. Reviewed August 20, 2021.

Video posted with permission of the artist Ranj Singh