How to Succeed in Biz-Ness by Really Trying (Logan's Story)

This is the story of a girl named Logan who persevered through her brain injury to create a magazine for other kids with disabilities and inspire them to achieve their dreams and goals.

[Logan and her mom] This is my daughter, Logan. >>And I'm a Biz kid. In 2001, Logan had a heart attack. She fell into a coma. She sustained a traumatic brain injury. >>A bad one. It took about a year before she could stand. >>About a year. Life was going to be different, but it wasn't over. We did therapy at home, and she was getting bored to death hanging out with her mom every day, and for fun we decided to do a mock-up magazine. And then her school teacher saw it, and they thought, "Wow, Logan! You should do this idea." They hooked us up with different people that showed us how to do it. I've created a magazine for people like me. We thought we could feature products we love that have helped Logan. This is a pencil grip that I use for my eyeliner. From a mom that e-mailed Logan and says, "Thank you for being such an inspiration." If you're going to start a fashion magazine, you need a design firm, and that's me. Producing a magazine is pretty complicated, but it's also a blast. The cool thing about Logan is that she dived into the project unknowingly really of what they were getting into. It really didn't matter what it took. It's really amazing. It's really complicated. We did go to people that knew how to do it, and they shared with us the tips and advice that we needed. Well, they came in totally green. It was fun to see them go through the process and the learning curve because it's super complicated and there's a lot to it--a lot more than people realize. You have to figure out the flow of a magazine. You have to hire a photographer. There's budgets and printing and bids and-- It's hundreds of hours,and people just don't have a clue really. In this business, persistence equals success. On this Logan project, there's a lot of action. I mean things are actually happening. All right, here are some new spreads for the current issue. This is actually using Bethany Hamilton who was the surfer in Hawaii who had her arm bit off by a shark. It feels good to be helping people that need it. One of the things that Logan has is tenacity, and you can really see that she sticks with it and she gets it done. I have never met anyone with more drive and inspiration than Logan. They're bound and determined that they're going to help these kids with disabilities.
Posted on BrainLine November 24, 2008.

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