How Do Occupational Therapists Address Issues of Sexual Health After Brain Injury?


How do occupational therapists address issues of sexual health after brain injury?


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[Dr. Kristen Maisano] One of our activities of daily living is sex, and research shows that a lot of medical providers fail to ask about sexual health and if people are performing the way they want to. That came to light in our clinic as an interdisciplinary team. OT said, "We'll take that on. We'll check it out." Basically in a typical evaluation I'll ask something like, "Are you performing sexually the way you want to? How is your interest? How's your drive? Are you able to complete sexual activities the way you want to?" Then we work on it from there. If it's a lack of interest, lack of concentration, then we have interventions focused on that. If it's more of a medically-based problem or a testosterone-based problem, we work hand in hand with the MD on the case to make sure that we can get that person back to where they need to be.
Posted on BrainLine May 14, 2013.

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