Finding Support in the Brain Injury Community

This marriage and family therapist talks about common issues after TBI.

Often meeting other people who have lived that same experience and have experienced that sense of loss and have been through that journey, can be very comforting. Because then it helps to reduce that sense of isolation, that they're not alone. "Someone knows how I feel." "Someone knows how it feels to lose myself and to have to rebuild my identity." So it could be through one-on-one peer mentoring, peer links, or, if the person is comfortable, to link them with support groups where they can meet others and share in their experience of loss and get some ideas on how other people have dealt with it.
Posted on BrainLine April 29, 2009. Reviewed January 16, 2018.

About the author: Caron Gan, RN

Caron Gan is an Advanced Practice Nurse, Registered Psychotherapist, and Registered Marriage and Family Therapist with the Ontario and American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). She has worked with clients with brain injury, providing psychotherapeutic intervention to youth, adults, couples, and families.

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My name is Shana Gross and I am desperately looking for a support group in the Bay Area of Northern California. I acquired my traumatic brain injury on March 29th, 2016. I need help accepting and dealing with the results of my injury.

Am from south Africa and my baby experience brain damage I'm looking for a support group in Mpumalanga

I had a brain aneurysm and stroke when I was 23 I bled on my brain for 36 hours I had to learn to walk again I don’t think I’ll ever be the same the day I got out of the hospital my boyfriend at the time who was abusive raped my in a place I had never been sexually active before I broke up with him after but between the brain trauma and abusive relationship the hitting cheating raping and brain trauma I could really use some support a couple months after I broke up with him I tried to talk to him about what he did to me during such a vulnerable time i needed closure he took out a gun and started to wave it around screaming is this what u want I took the gun from him and put it to my head I said u don’t have the balls and pulled the trigger he pushed it away just in time I can still remember the ringing in my ears post traumatic stress can make u do some crazy things anyways I held on to this toxicity for long enough and need help moving on

My name is Latifah And I am urgently looking for a support group in Chicago, Illinois. Thanks

My neurologist stated that I have trauma brain injury due to abused from birth to adulthood. She said that my frontal lobe and back of my brain is injury. I also have PTSD. Does it mean that I have TBI related to trauma? My MRI was normal until a year ago in which my brain started to shrink. Plus my health changes so much since 2017. Is that normal with what i have? I am not seeking medical advice but it seems like you are well knowledge.

Was just looking for maybe a small support group in my area to talk with because it has been a while after my TBI, but just maybe talking to people who understand more than most might help with my depression. Maybe help me think of a direction to head in.

Looking for support group in the Cleveland, Seven Hills, ohio area

I am 21 and looking for a support group for people around my age or any age really that have had a TBI that is close to my location

Can you give any information for reputable support groups for adult women in Michigan?

I am looking for a speech therapist and support group for a 27 year old who suffered a TBI 5 years ago.

We live in San Jose, California, our zip code is 95125.

Hi Kathy, Have you tried any of the San Jose groups listed on BIA CA's website?