Does it Hurt to Eat After Traumatic Brain Injury?

Pain while eating after a TBI is uncommon, but issues with taste and smell are not.

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As far as it hurting to eat after a brain injury, I've never seen pain, but I have seen people when they're eating something that would normally be very good tasting feel like it tastes like sour fish or something unpleasant like that. It's a big problem, honestly, in which there's no easy answer to. Fortunately, a good percentage of people improve with regards to this and it does not bother them on a long-term basis, but there's no effective treatment really for the treatment of abnormalities or lack of smell and taste. Beyond that, there are sometimes people, it's not that they can't taste or smell, but foods just don't taste the same, and unfortunately, beyond that, it's just mostly avoiding foods that you may now have to create a new diet for yourself. Where you enjoyed pizza so much and it tasted so wonderful in the past, if it's now creating abnormal sensation because of injury to this nerve, Chinese food maybe will have to be your thing.
Posted on BrainLine March 16, 2010.