Defining Passion: One Mind - The Healing Power of a PTSD Service Dog

Victor Hurtado, Les Owen

Victor Hurtado has had a very successful career as a musician, producer, and talent coach, but during his life, he has suffered emotional challenges and PTSD, for which he sought clinical treatment. Along the way, it was recommended he explore the use of a PTSD service dog to help him be more independent and feel safer while outside his home. It wasn’t until he met Holly that he began to find hope for greater happiness in his life.

Posted on BrainLine January 3, 2023. Reviewed January 3, 2023.

Produced by Les Owen
Treehouse Dreams Film

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I can't express how pleased I am to know that our film telling Victor and Holly's story has found its way here to BrainLine where its value can be deeply appreciated! I'm humbled to be of service not just to Victor but now to many more people who may learn about the incredible benefits of service dogs for PTSD sufferers. - Les Owen, Director "One Mind".