Cuidando a un familiar después de una lesión cerebral traumática militar: La perspectiva de una esposa

Este anuncio de servicio público nos introduce a Shannon Maxwell, la esposa de Lt. Col. Timothy Maxwell, USMC (ret), que sufrió una lesión cerebral traumática durante su servicio combate en Irak. La señora Maxwell presenta un nuevo recurso de DVBIC: La guía para cuidadores familiares.

Vea este anucio en inglés.

My husband is one of the toughest guys I've ever met. In 2004, when a mortar hit near his tent in Iraq, Tim sustained a traumatic brain injury. With love and honor, I did my best to care for him. There was so much I had to learn on my own about the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and more. Now there's a place to turn for help—The Family Caregiver Guide from the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center. It's a great resource for anyone who's taking care of an injured service member or veteran with a moderate, severe, or penetrating traumatic brain injury. So please, visit to get the guide. You don't have to go it alone.
Posted on BrainLine July 20, 2011.