Connor Martin: Personality Changes After Second Deployment

When he returned from his first deployment Connor Martin's brother Kevin Ash wasn't the same. Even though Connor was young he recognized Kevin's increasing anger and isolation.

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He had come back from Iraq and again I was relatively young at the time so I don’t know all of the details but I think that’s, I think that’s about the time that he had some exposure to the IEDs and had some, had some health issues as a result of that and we were starting to see some of that PTSD side effects at that time. And yeah I guess you kind of saw some more of the irritability or the hostility and kind of the seclusion he put himself into or I don’t know where he was just always, he was always happy to be a life of the party type guy you know or spend time with people after that second tour is kind of when he started to go back into his shell a little bit. I didn’t have my brother back the way, the way I had grown up with him so I do have a bit of a recollection of him going this way. And you know just a few experiences I had with him, he was married at the time so we weren’t living together but the few interactions was pretty, I don’t know, he just wasn’t quite himself at that point in time. This video was produced by BrainLine thanks to generous support from the Infinite Hero Foundation.

Posted on BrainLine June 14, 2021.

This video was produced by BrainLine thanks to generous support from the Infinite Hero Foundation.