Concussions 101: An Illustrated Intro for Kids and Parents

Posted on BrainLine May 23, 2017.

Conceived, written, and presented by Dr. Mike Evans. Illustrated by Liisa Sorsa Produced, directed, and filmed by Nick De Pencier Picture and sound edit by David Schmidt Gaffer, Martin Wojtunik. Whiteboard construction by James Vanderkleyn. Production assistant, Chris Niesing.
©2011 Michael Evans and Mercury Films Inc.

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i'm poet and i hit my he'd in a car accident--no seatbelt but air bag...which i remember as a limp white rag in front of me until my next memory of this all going back about 2 blocks BEFORE, was on the gurney on way to a hospital. and i'm 76 this month. i would like to say i enjoyed the attention. we should all get this kidness once a week as a notice or recognition of our humanity...instead of blowing up each other for false news...or myths or greed.
so. my poetry improved effortlessly, as the injury was to left top of head. but i am slightly worried about paying my bills, which i forgot. is this jubilee? or am i day-dreaming. i like my present state because as i said i lost my left or control brain for algorithmicks and mowing the lawn which i will destroy with diet cola in vast amounts and proceed with ferns and cactus if i can find a person with thick gloves.
so my question is how can i stay in this blissful state of forgetfulness and simply write poems the rest of my life and can i go back to ER again and let those wonderful nurses so gloriously foggy but so sweet with their hobbity jargon and sticky things and pins and prodding question i am sure to answer better and funnier this time around ...i will pay them back for their angelic presence with my best jokes and hope they like chocolate.
this site is a kindness.

Hi, my name is Krystal. I'm 35 and 2 weeks ago was staying at parent's house and was the only one awake to somehow hear father making what they call a death rattle and his last breaths because his BP dropped and eventually his heart stopped. I broke 8 if his ribs doing compressions and breathed for him to try preventing brain damage for 15 min until help came. They broke his sternum with the LUCAS, shocked him 5 times, and more but nothing. Miraculously as they were calling it he took a faint breath. After 2 his in the ER they got his heart beating, but the damage done saving him was extensive and he was put in a coma on the ICU for 8 days. I'm so greatful he woke up, and yesterday I got to see him for the first time. He ADORES silly jokes and making the nurses laugh and reading what you wrote made me laugh. That is exactly what he is trying to do now as well, but keeps getting shot down bc the Dr told my mom no brain damage from oxygen deprivation. I even looked up jokes for him for when he woke up from his coma. " I keep trying to play his and seek with the nurses, but they keep finding me in the ICU." We're the only ones in our family that find our jokes funny. He's 67. My advice would be, if it starts coming back either keep it to yourself or say " Hey, I had severe brain injury I can't trust this thing" I whole hearted agree with you on the attention thing and my heart really goes out to you. My grandma is 82 and while love being with her and listening to her stories about her life bc honestly it's incredible, I'm the only one. I did the same with grandpa before he died and know more about his life and all his stories of WW2 that mom and aunt had no clue about. I hate this COVID thing bc I can't risk visiting my grandma. Honestly I'd love to read some of your poems if you'd like. I probably sound weird or creepy but I'm on this site for a reason. Dog tripped me and hit my head so hard blacked out and woke up with a huge lump and cut above my eye and a pounding headache. Probably should go to dr but I hate doing that. Anyway thank you for making me laugh. I needed that today.