BrainLine Talks with Jason and Susannah Ferguson About Family and TBI

BrainLine talks with Jason and Susannah Ferguson about Jason's traumatic brain injury which he suffered in a car accident. The couple discusses how the injury has affected family life, their marriage, and outlook on life.

Transcript of the video.

Posted on BrainLine December 1, 2008.
Produced by Victoria Tilney McDonough and Brian King at the 2008 Williamsburg Brain Injury Services Conference.

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How is a severe t.b.i person like myself supposed to continue in life and try to be happy when my own mother and brother have been ignoring me now for two years. My car stopped working 3 yrs ago did they ever ask if my son n I needed had to plan n do everything for my own bday party and my mom makes up an excuse as to why she couldn't come . My bro didn't text n tell me happy bday I canceled my party how am I supposed to be happy I lived when my own family isn't happy