Balancing School, Work, and the Recovery Process After Brain Injury

Kelli Gary, PhD talks about how she balanced graduate school with getting work experience and going slowly to achieve all of her goals post-brain injury.

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[Kelli Williams Gary, PhD] —and as a therapist, they really, really want individuals to have some clinical experience before continuing on with school, and so I decided to work for 2 years. I worked in the VA system for 2 years as an occupational therapist, but I lived at home, so I still had a little bit of supervision from my mom, but she was gradually able to pull back because she was living with me, so she was starting to see the success. She saw how I was improving, how much more I was taking on responsibility for doing the things that I had to do and, despite my deficits, that I could find find ways to compensate and still achieve certain things. So as I started to achieve more, with her still being right there to see that, she was able to sit back and to allow me to do more and more independently.
Posted on BrainLine May 23, 2013.

Produced by Sharon Ladin, Justin Rhodes, and Lara Collins, BrainLine.