Along Recovery

Along Recovery is an intimate portrait of TBI, the signature wound of Afghanistan and Iraq. This film documents the TBI recovery process from the perspective of four soldiers recently evacuated from combat operations.

Along Recovery premiered at the GI Film Festival in Washington DC in May 2012.  Learn more about Along Recovery and Justin Springer here.

Read BrainLine's exclusive interview with Army veteran and documentarian Justin Springer here.

[driving] [speaking over radio] [explosion] [speaking over radio] [speaking over radio] [♪violin music♪] [nurse] You need to lay back down. [Man speaking]. [nurse] Lay back down. What's his name? [reporter] Thousands of American solders return from Afghanistan and Iraq with what's being called the signature wound of those wars, Traumatic Brain Injury. [♪violin music♪] [soldier] Like I said, I didn't feel like I was scatterbrained when it immediately happened. [doctor] Uh-huh. [soldier] I started noticing it after. [doctor] Okay. [soldier] Can I have my head up a little bit? [soldier] My buddy Young, he had to tell me about what happened to me like a bunch of times, like, he had to tell me. [man] So how do you know what to take and when? [soldier] Because I know I take that, I take that, I don't take that. [soldier] Yeah, like there's a lot of stuff that I just don't feel normal anymore. I can't deal with little kids, can't even be around them. [doctor] You're suffering from the effects of what you're been through, okay? [soldier] For a while, I just lived on Percocets. It was the only way to do it. That's why I hate that drug, and if they try to give it to me again after surgery, I'm going to beg for something else. [gun fire] [soldier] Go, come on, come on, come on. [soldier] I can tell you from step one to the last step on how to get out of the Army. That's how many briefings I've been to. You know how many briefings I've been to about how to stay in the Army? Not one. Not a one.
Posted on BrainLine May 16, 2012.