Advice for Young Adults with TBI Entering the Workforce

Clinical psychologist Mariann Young talks about the agencies and services available for teens with TBI to help them transition into the workforce.

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[Mariann Young] Advice for a kid entering the workforce starts even before they're ready to enter the workforce. [Mariann Young, PhD] [Clinical Psychologist – Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers, Inc.] The school has to become involved in this. There are transitioning planning. There are agencies within— every state has them whether they're rehab service agencies, social agencies, but kids that are severely injured are going to need that assistance and especially those that are making it with special education support and don't have the noticeable physical disabilities, but have cognitive limitations. They're going to need the added assistance whether through job coaching or someone that can—in fact— tell prospective employer— you know—they may not understand the first time around. And if you gave them a manual, that's not going to work. They may actually need someone to come and show— multiple times—but then they'll be a great employee once they learn that technique. If you are going to change— you know—the job it's going to take some time for them to learn that new job, or to accept that change. You know you're going to have to work. If they're frustrated, they may not accept it appropriately, but if you explain to them— you know— what's going on, they'll learn, they'll understand, and then you'll have a fabulous employee. But you're going to have to take the time. You may have to change the way you operate with them— the way you explain things to them and give them multiple ways of learning their position. But once they're there, you can depend on them.
Posted on BrainLine April 30, 2014.

Produced by Victoria Tilney McDonough and Justin Rhodes, BrainLine.