TBI Ten Years Later: A Mother's Story Continues

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My son suffered a brain injury from a car accident in July. Seven weeks have gone by and he left ICU and is in rehab here in Minnesota. You stated you have endured your grief for 10 years and mine is just starting. I am not sure how I will handle time as the days go by. At this point, I cannot look at pictures of my son as he was; as a child, the day of his graduation, the day of his wedding. The wound is too fresh for me, but reading your story has somewhat lessen my pain at this time. I hate people telling me how to act, how to not show my pain and feelings in front of my son, and more or less, buck and get on with supporting him. It is difficult to turn it off, but I need to find a way to understand that this is now the new norm for my son and my family. I am thankful we were able to celebrate his 38th birthday last Saturday. We do see some improvements, but that strong feeling of wanting our son back as he was, pushes it way into our thoughts. This is a unique club we have joined with you and many others. I look for encouraging and brave stories such as yours everyday to gain guidance and strength. Thanks for your story and I wish all the best to Paul and to your family.

Hi Paul. We are new to this also- looking for guidance at the very beginning of my nephew's journey. My 24 year old nephew was victim to a horrible car crash that happened 11 days ago and is still in a coma with a severe brain injury. He's in critical care and doctors say he may never recover, may never open his eyes again. We as a family are not giving up and now rely on prayers and hope. Reaching out to others for those encouraging and brave stories so please share if you can. We need to hear all we can.
Thank you, Kandy

Your story is compelling. My son suffered a severe tbi in January 2009. The first 10 days they were sure he was going to die, then his chance of survival increased but not without expectancy of brain damage and at least a year in the hospital. He not only survived, but walked out of the hospital several weeks later with very little loss of cognitive skills, loss of hearing in his right ear, and most of his memory in tact. I feel blessed and guilty.

Hello, I had a very similar case about 14 years ago. I am so very lucky to be in the condition I am and would like to share stories.

I am almost 2 years into a relationship with a tbi survivor.
Her accident was 12 years ago and to me she's perfect.
she tells me all the time that she wishes she could see herself way way that I do. But I don't see a woman who struggles physically and mentally.. All I see is Nicole. The best thing that has ever happened to me.

Thank you for sharing this eloquent story about your son. My son received a serious TBI art the age of 12 while up at bat, in the occipital part of his head. He is now 18, a senior in high school. Our lives were turned upside down. He has accommodations but wants to help others as he was help d by becoming a neurosurgeon. We lost all our so called friends and family because a TBI is invisible.

My son (Colt) had an accident on June 26th 2009 at the age of 13 that resulted in a TBI. I seen the comment that mentioned how family and friends are lost because the TBI is invisible. I have lived through that as well. It is strange that while we were in the hospital and going to therapy everyone wanted to be helpful but, 10 years later it is just a burden they take themselves away from. I was a single mom at the time of his accident and when I dropped him off at his dads house that father's day little did I know that was the last time I would see or talk to that child. I prayed in that helicopter ride that my son would live, I would give my life for his. My son did pull through after given a 10% survial chance but, our lives were forever changed. I hope that people realize that just because you cannot see the results of a TBI they do exist. My son has struggled and will always struggle. He is 23 now and I love him dearly. I struggle with coping and watching him struggle. I feel that no one understands that, it has been years ago he should be better.. right?...I cringe when I hear that. I have basically withdrawn myself from my own family because of how they treat him today. I would give anything to hug my son one more time with that bright light he had in his eyes the day I dropped him off. I often feel like as the parent I need counseling on how to cope with his lifelong struggles. He has a hard time maintaining stability in his life. I am thankful for him being here but, I wish people would realize that just because it is an old injury it is one felt by him each day. My son had a TBI, every bone in his face was fractured, he had a lacerated kindeny and spleen, 3 spine fractures, collapsed lung and he survived. I am heartbroken 10 years later. There is HOPE and we all need HOPE, please if you are reading this and you have a family memeber or friend suffering from a TBI do not make them feel like they are a burden. Hug them and love them and most of all HELP them.

My daughter suffered from a severe brain injury from a brain Infection that took place on 2/2013. I have been struggling lately with allowing myself to continue to grieve my daughter prior to the Illness. I have been looking online for days, for anything that says the child before the injury you once knew is gone, has died... I have been wanting to read another's mother's experience with this. I was starting to think I was alone. That was until I came upon your journey. I can relate to you in so many ways, I'm a mother of 6... You have been an answer to my prayers, the "last ten years" is exactly what I have been searching for.... Thank you for sharing your story, it means more than you could ever imagine. Best of luck to you and your family....

No, you are not alone at all, I can relate so much to your story, because my daughter, in 2014, at the age of 15, suffered the most severe TBI after the car accident. The journey to recovery continues, very difficult, heart-breaking journey.

My daughter was 15 too when injured in 2012.

I feel for you in this story. Many years ago I had an injury where I lost all my memory pre accident. I was 30 at the time.
There was no rehab at the time and luckily, my brain went into making it work.
I'm currently writing an autobiography about what it is like.
How to go from waking up with no memory of 30 years to how with a lot of work ended up where I am now
All the best in the future and hope life gets a bit better.
It is as hard been the sufferer as it is for the family concerned.

Thank you for sharing your sons story .. Many Blessings Of Love For Him , You and The Rest of Your Family.
My grandson Hunter was in the back seat of a car that was struck by a tractor and trailer when he was 1 year old , he is 5 now . My son and daughter in law are trying very hard to make his life the best they can . He doesn't have use of his right side , his speech is very little.. but he smiles and for this I'm so very grateful . If you have any suggestions please write me .. my email address is

How long did it take him to walk without walker? I had a tbi 15 months ago but still need my walker

walk as much as posible