20 Life-Changing Android Apps for People with Brain Injury


Listen to books on your Android device. Great for people who have trouble reading or who retain information more effectively by listening.

Helps With: Reading

Device: iOS, Android

Price: Free

View Audible in the iTunes App Store

View Audible in the Google Play Store


Portable stress management tool. The app is a hands-on diaphragmatic breathing exercise. Breathing exercises have been documented to decrease the body's “fight-or-flight” (stress) response, and help with mood stabilization, anger control, and anxiety management.

Helps With: PTSD, Anxiety, Stress

Device: iOS, Android

Price: Free

View Breathe2Relax in the iTunes App Store

View Breathe2Relax in the Google Play Store

Concussion Recognition & Response

Helps coaches and parents recognize whether an individual is exhibiting/reporting the signs and symptoms of a suspected concussion. In less than 5 minutes, the app allows a coach or parent to respond quickly to determine whether to remove the child from play and the need for further medical examination.

Helps With: Concussion Screening

Device: iOS, Android

Price: Free

View Concussion Recognition & Response in the iTunes App Store

View Concussion Recognition & Response in the Google Play Store

Cozi Family Organizer

Family life organization app that includes a shared calendar, shopping lists, to do lists, family journal. This app allows you to stay in sync with your family so everyone can stay up to date on what's going on in the family and what needs to get done.

Helps With: Organization

Device: iOS, Android

Price: Free*

View Cozi Family Organization in the iTunes App Store

* Paid version available for advanced functionality.

ClearRecord Premium

Audio recording app that suppresses ambient, background noise allowing the user to record conversations in noisy environments while maintaining clear voices. Control play-speed without modifying pitch-quality. Slow down conversations to a manageable pace for the user.

Helps With: Speech, Communication

Device: iOS, Android

Price: $1.99 Android, $0.99 iOS,

View Clear Record Premium in the Google Play Store

View Clear Record Premium in the iTunes App Store


Help remember everything across all of the devices you use. Stay organized, save your ideas and improve productivity. Take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders, and make notes completely searchable.

Helps With: Organization

Device: iOS, Web, Android

Price: Free

View Evernote in the iTunes App Store

View Evernote in the Google Play Store

Flashcards Deluxe

Flashcard app which can be used to study just about anything you want. Built in dictionary, capacity to include pictures and sounds, zoom into pictures, and auto-repeat sounds on the cards.

Helps With: Memory

Device: iOS, Android

Price: $3.99

View Flashcards Deluxe in the iTunes App Store

View Flashcards Deluxe in the Google Play Store

Hello My Name Is

Use your fingers to write or draw your own personalized "hello my name is" name tag. Good for conferences or situations where a digital name tag may help you stand out.

Helps With: Social Situations

Device: Android

Price: Free

View Hello My Name Is in the Google Play Store

ICE (In Case of Emergency)

Store all the information you might need in an emergency in one convenient location. Names of doctors, medications you are taking, medical conditions, allergies, and insurance information can be accessed with the tap of a finger. You can also use the app to find hospitals nearby in case of an emergency.

Helps With: Emergency

Device: iOS, Android

Price: $1.99

View ICE in the iTunes App Store

View ICE in the Google Play Store

Learning Ally Audio

Easy access to Learning Ally's downloadable DAISY formatted books. Learning Ally members can explore the library of more than 64,000 audiobooks that are designed for people with print and learning disabilities.

Helps With: Reading, Vision

Device: iOS, Android

Price: Free*

View Learning Ally Audio in the iTunes App Store

View Learning Ally Audio in the Google Play Store

Membership is required. Membership is free for eligible people with visual impairments or dyslexia.

PTSD Support for Veterans

App to help with post traumatic stress disorder. Informational videos and testimonials, podcasts from professional counselors and psychiatrists discussing PTSD, links for resources, and a fan wall for people to support each other and share their experiences.

Helps With: PTSD

Device: Android

Price: Free

View PTSD Support for Veterans in the Google Play Store

PTSD Coach

Designed for veterans and service members who have, or may have, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Education about PTSD, information about care, a self-assessment for PTSD, help finding support, and tools that can help you manage the stresses of daily life with PTSD.

Helps With: PTSD

Device: Android, iOS

Price: Free

View PTSD Coach in the Google Play Store

View PTSD Coach in the iTunes App Store

Quick Talk AAC

This app gives a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves. Quick and flexible app designed to help you talk as quickly as possible.

Helps With: Communication

Device: iOS, Android

Price: $0.99

View Quick Talk AAC in the iTunes App Store

View Quick Talk AAC in the Google Play Store

SpeakWrite Recorder

Voice recorder that turns your phone into a fully functional dictation system. Record, edit, and send your audio. App integrates with SpeakWrite's 24/7 paid transcription service. Compile your dictation, upload, and within a few hours receive your transcribed document.

Helps With: Speech, Communication

Device: Android

Price: Free*

View SpeakWrite Recorder in the Google Play Store

* Transcriptions are available for an additional cost.

T2 Mood Tracker

Designed for service members and veterans, this app helps you self-monitor, track, and reference emotional experiences associated with common deployment-related behavioral health issues like post-traumatic stress, brain injury, depression, and anxiety.

Helps With: Behavior, PTSD

Device: iOS, Android

Price: Free

View T2 Mood Tracker in the iTunes App Store

View T2 Mood Tracker in the Google Play Store


Especially useful for non-verbal children and adults, TapToTalk turns an Android device into an affordable alternative means of communication device.

Helps With: Speech, Communication

Device: Android

Price: Free

View TapToTalk in the Google Play Store


Word game app where you try to find the word that uses all of the letters on the screen as fast as you can. Crossword mode lets you complete a crossword puzzle using a limited number of letters. Word of the Day mode offers a daily puzzle.

Helps With: Problem Solving

Device: iOS, Android

Price: $1.99

View TextTwist in the iTunes App Store

View TextTwist in the Google Play Store

Touch Calendar

Touch Calendar makes viewing your calendars easy. See your whole calendar at a glance. No more flipping between different calendar views. Touch Calendar does it all from one zoomable and scrollable view. This app is especially useful for people with attention problems who do better with fewer steps.

Helps With: Organization

Device: Android

Price: $3.95

View Touch Calendar in the Google Play Store


Picture-based, augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) application that helps you express your feelings, thoughts, actions, and needs.

Helps With: Speech, Communication

Device: iOS, Android

Price: $59.99

View Voice4U in the iTunes App Store

View Voice4U in the Google Play Store

Where Am I?

View and share your location, including your city, zip code, telephone area code, and approximate street address as well as the times of sunrise and sunset and GPS latitude and longitude.

Helps With: Location

Device: Android

Price: Free

View Where Am I? in the Google Play Store

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Posted on BrainLine July 19, 2011


I cannot recommend Audio Reminder Pro enough. Actually, I probably can and possibly already have.

Audio Reminder Pro allows you to quickly and easily record your desired message. It then plays your message back to you at your desired time/place in your own voice.

It has been vital for struggling with memory, apathy, depression, etc for me. With the continuous notification beeps coming from my phone throughout the day i I frequently find myself ignoring most if not all of them. Sometimes going days before even looking to see what the notifications are. (Yeah, this is me now)

However, hearing my own voice from the reminder telling me to "hey, me. Do the laundry" and suddenly I know what I was supposed to do. *cough* laundry. It isn't just yet another notification beep that sounds just like all the others. Did I get an email? Was it a text message? Or maybe some game telling me that I'm running low on the gems that supposedly are so important two wire that they share the same Android notification.

Yes I know you can change notifications for a few apps and believe me I tried. But one I would get all the way up to the view that would have the option to change it... I would forget what I was doing on that view.

I actually have some understanding in what I'm saying as I am both the creator of Audio Reminder Pro and I also received moderate brain damage early this year.

Unfortunately, with it just being my son and I these days, I can honestly say that if not for audio reminder I wouldn't remember to take my meds. Sometimes I end up ignoring a regular alarm and other times I simply don't remember what the alarm was for.

So with the quick tap on the widget I can say "don't forget to do the dishes" and an hour later when the reminder goes off it doesn't just become another notification beep like all the others.

I'm not trying to convince anyone here. I made the app for myself so I would remember to do the laundry when I got back home. And I had no idea that a mobile app that I made would become such an important part of my family's life.

Memory problems caused me to accidentally forget/double the dose. Given how dangerous my meds are I could have overdosed with ease. overe the crazy dangerous medication that I have to take now.

And let's face it. I never simply went to the calendar on my phone unless I was specifically adding an event. I could not get myself to even look at what I was going to be doing for the day.

Audio Reminder is what keeps my day together. And currently keeps me out of needing to be under medical care. Which means I get to still spend more time with my son and

It truly truly has helped me regain some Independence and has saved me more than I can remember hahaha

I don't care if only one person reads this and is able to be helped by it. Because that means that I have made a difference.

Short version: it's good for memory and productivity and it's free so what do you have to lose to just see if maybe it'll help you.

Sorry for the long message. I just glanced through it again... Sorry for the really long message.

Forget me not

Readers may also be interested in this compendium https://www.my-therappy.co.uk
The big question of how we decide what is a good and effective app is not helped by so many of these that lack an evidence base or a continual improvement cycle. However it's an approach that is really important to engage with, and finding the right app deserves concentrated effort and practice using it.

is there an app for similar words for finding the second half of word such as

Para -------normal

Para --------chute

Para ---------legal

Para -------dise

Para ---noid

with my brain injury disconnect I sometimes race to the wrong half of a word my brain is trying to recover and usually I say something funny -but not what I was trying to say.

Thank you for posting other resources such as PEAT.  There seems to be a lack of resources for higher-functioning TBI survivors yet we share many of the same struggles.

I've been recovering from a moderate open wound TBI for about 2 months now...quite the journey! Would be interested in the whole altitude thing?

Jun 5th, 2015 3:09am: this article is a slide show. Did you click the arrow at the bottom of the screen to advance to the next slide? There are names of the apps and links on those slides.

There's no indication what most of these apps are called in order to search them? :-(

PEAT (Planning and Execution Assistant and Trainer: www.brainaid.com) actually helps us survivors by, as the name says, assisting and training us to plan and execute. It has been proven effective in a study done at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (San Jose, CA). As a 40 year survivor, I noticed that my improvement "curve" got steeper as I used PEAT. I cannot thank the creator of PEAT enough.

Our favorite App is "Verbal Victor"
The 30 people who purchased Smart Hearing Aid say in the reviews on the Android Market that it does not work - a scam.
AWESOME!!! Thank you SOOO much for compiling this list!! :) I can't wait to download some of these apps and put them to use.
typing,spelling, thinking, fast enough does not work using a phone -tech- after serioes TBI. especially to techno retards like me- those over 40+ I want to use tech but how if trouble wth phone/memoery?

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