WakeMed Outpatient Rehab - Clayton

WakeMed Rehab's Brain Injury Programs offers Neuro Care, Rehabilitation Hospital, and Day Treatment options. Neuro Care is an 8-bed unit specializing in the treatment of the most severe brain injuries. These patients are often variable in their ability to participate in and tolerate therapy. The Neuro Care unit allows for highly individualized treatment carefully adapted to each patient's needs and capabilities.

Rehabilitation Hospital offers an 84-bed inpatient rehabilitation hospital serving more moderate brain injury survivors. These patients receive 24 hour rehabilitation nursing and participate in 3.5 hours of therapy per day and have an average length of stay of 19 days. Treatment is driven by the patient's level of cognitive function and recovery.

WakeMed's two day treatment programs are located in Raleigh and Clayton. These are for survivors with milder brain injuries or who have recovered from more severe injuries. These patients no longer require inpatient medical support and reside in the community; however, they still require fairly intensive rehabilitative services. Treatment at this phase is directed towards community, school, or work reentry.

555 Medical Park Place
Suite 101
Clayton, NC 27520