Southern Indiana Rehab Hospital

Southern Indiana Rehab Hospital (SIRH) offers acute rehabilitation services for patients with brain injuries of all ages. The treatment team consists of the patient; family; physician; occupational and physical therapists, speech and language pathologist; certified brain injury specialists; rehab nurses; psychologists; case managers; nutritionist (dietitian), therapeutic recreation specialist and others as necessary. The goal for the acute rehabilitation phase is to return the individual to the community. Treatment priorities include: mobility; activities of daily living; functional communication and swallowing; psychosocial skills; cognitive and behavioral improvements; community re-integration; patient and family education.

SIRH also offers an outpatient/day program. The outpatient/day hospital program is designed individuals who have completed inpatient rehab or for individuals from the community who do not require nightly medical management but do require some therapeutic assistance. The focus of outpatient rehab is on home and community re-integration. During the outpatient phase, treatment generally focuses on re-integrating the patient back into work, school, leisure, etc.

3104 Blackinston Boulevard
New Albany, IN 47150