The Rehabilitation Institute at Memorial Health University Medical Center

The Rehabilitation Institute offers both inpatient and outpatient programs for people with TBI. Admission to the program is granted on a case-by-case basis. After the initial referral to the Institute is made, a rehabilitation physician visits the patient and conducts an evaluation.  If it is determined that the patient can benefit from the Institute’s treatment, he/she will move forward with the program. The programs take a multidisciplinary approach to address medical, physical, psychological, and cognitive needs; education and training to meet family needs; recommendations for home and work area modifications; and discharge planning that emphasizes realistic living environments.

The inpatient program is designed for patients who have localized responses but who are disoriented, socially disinhibited, agitated, and/or combative.

The outpatient day rehabilitation program provides therapies and follow-up care to ease the transition from hospital to home and community. Treatment plans are individualized to address specific barriers to home and work re-entry. This program emphasizes learning to cook, clean, and keep house in the activities of daily living” suite; budgeting and managing money; problem solving; spending leisure time productively; obtaining and benefiting from community resources; coping with the stress of daily living; interacting with others comfortably; and working more efficiently on the job and at home. Because patients must apply the skills they acquire in the real world, they participate in supervised outings to grocery stores, restaurants, recreational facilities, their homes, their work places, and other everyday environments.

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