Oregon Rehabiliation Center, Sacred Heart Medical Center

Oregon Rehabilitation Center (ORC) is an 18-bed inpatient rehabilitation unit, located inside Sacred Heart Medical Center, is nationally accredited for its Comprehensive Integrated Inpatient and Brain Injury programs. The ORC's Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program helps patients with TBI progress toward a more independent lifestyle. Following an initial assessment, the team develops an individualized treatment plan in conjunction with patient and family goals. Services to enhance physical, cognitive, and emotional abilities are provided. Goals are set in the following areas:

•    Cognitive and functional abilities to facilitate the return to home/community setting
•    Mobility and self-care skills
•    Neuropsychological testing
•    Behavioral programs for acute stages of recovery
•    Language and communication skills
•    Community mobility, resources, and re-entry
•    Assessment of adaptive equipment needs
•    Supportive counseling for adjustment issues

1255 Hilyard Street
Eugene, OR 97401
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