North Colorado Medical Center

North Colorado Medical Center offers a 20-bed inpatient  Center for Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation (CAIR Unit), as well as the Banner Rehabilitation Center, which provides Occupational and Physical therapy and Speech-Language Pathology services for adults with neurological deficits resulting from stroke, head injury, spinal cord injury, trauma and progressive disease processes. Neurological Rehabilitation services include: job site evaluations, home evaluations, adaptive equipment consultations and recommendations, community reintegration, and family conferences.

Physical Therapy (PT) services focus on regaining a person’s functional abilities. Therapists create treatment programs to help with muscle re-education and motor re learning for patients in need of: stroke rehabilitation, brain injury rehabilitation, balance and vestibular retraining, gait analysis and treatment, wheelchair and seating evaluations and recommendations, education and training with ambulatory assistive devices and wheelchairs, transfer training and safety awareness, postural education, rehabilitation of patients with movement disorders and neurological impairments.

Occupational Therapy services help patients with retraining gross and fine motor coordination following a neurological impairment (including head and brain injury). Therapists provide the following therapeutic interventions: daily living skills retraining, cognitive retraining, education for energy conservation and work simplification techniques, reduction of upper/lower extremity lymphedema.

Speech Language Pathology/ Speech Therapy (ST) works with patients on modes of communication, cognition, and swallowing. The Center provides diagnostic and therapeutic intervention for: stroke (aphasia and right hemisphere impairment), swallowing difficulties and disorders, cognitive impairments, voice disorders (vocal abuse and dysfunction), language disorders, articulation deficits, laryngectomy, alternative and augmentative communication, fluency disorders, accent reduction and pronunciation to improve intelligibility of speech.

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North Colorado Medical Center
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