Miami Valley Hospital

Founded in 1983, Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) Rehabilitation Institute of Ohio has several rehabilitation services, including a return-to-work program, an outpatient program, and a brain injury program. These programs treat brain injury patients at varied levels of recovery/severity of injury.

HIRE Program

Founded in 1989, The Head Injury Re-Entry (HIRE) program is a return-to-work program for patients with brain injuries who have the potential to return to employment or school. HIRE is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Services include:
•    A cognitive and vocational assessment
•    Vocational exploration, work skills development, and job try out
•    Integrated placement and job coaching services
•    Transportation to and from the program as needed


The Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Program (CORP) offers same-day rehabilitation to patients with stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, and other neurological conditions. Rehabilitation focuses on self-care, home safety, home management, communication, socialization, cognition, work and school skills, leisure activities, community re-entry, mobility, and swallowing.

Brain Injury Program

The Brain Injury Program addresses the educational and recovery needs of brain injured patients. Physical and cognitive tests are conducted with each patient to create a treatment plan. The Dayton Chapter of the Ohio Brain Injury Association offers support group meetings at MVH for patients and families. Both inpatient and outpatient services are provided, and are CARF-accredited for adolescents and adults. The staff includes Brain Injury Specialists certified by the American Academy of Brain Injury Specialists.

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