Methodist Rehabilitation Center

Patients in the Brain Injury Program at Methodist Rehabilitation Center have acquired brain injuries due to trauma, cerebral hemorrhage, infection, tumors or lack of oxygen (hypoxia/anoxia). The program includes medical care, cognitive retraining, emotional and behavioral treatment, communication, mobility, life skills, therapeutic recreation, patient and family education, nutrition and respiratory care. The program also helps patients and their families cope and adapt to physical and emotional changes through extensive adjustment and education sessions.

Methodist offers three primary post acute programs: long term rehabilitation, outpatient rehabilitation and the Quest Program.  Patients who require acute care can recieve services on the Main Campus (located at 1350 E Woodrow Wilson Drive, Jackson, MS 39216).

Participants in the Quest program have sustained a brain injury  that have difficulty with mobility, cognition, behavior, academics and independent living skills. Those who wish to participate must have an interest in one or more of the following:

  • Independently perform the activities of daily living
  • Volunteer in the community
  • Return to work or school
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Vice President for Patient Care Services
Contact: Susan B. Greco, Brain Injury Program Manager
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Quest Program
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