On With Life, Inc. - Glenwood

The On With Life Long-Term Skilled Care program is a 32-bed skilled nursing program for youth and younger adults who have experienced a brain injury, including traumatic brain injury, stroke, tumor, aneurysm or anoxia, or other neurological disorder. Our specialization in brain injury makes us unique when compared to other long-term programs. The medical, therapeutic, psychosocial, recreational and spiritual needs of each person served are our only focus.Certain brain injuries, including those that result in a coma/disorders of consciousness state, require much more time to treat, but that doesn't mean that hope should fade. Long-term skilled care is the best option for persons with brain injury who are medically stable, but require intensive nursing, therapy and medical supports that may not be available in other settings.

On With Life's Long-Term program has created a caring, therapeutic environment where each individual receives ongoing opportunities for improvement. On-site aquatic therapy and a one-of-a-kind sensory stimulation gym makes this a truly unique therapeutic environment.

The persons we serve in our program include those that:

  • Have experienced a brain injury or other catastrophic injury or disease
  • Require skilled nursing services
  • Breathe independently, without medical assistance
  • Are medically stable and do not require daily doctor visits or ongoing hospitalization
  • Do not demonstrate a severe behavioral or personality disorder that pose a threat to self or others, or requires intensive psychiatric intervention
  • Have a means of payment for service
714 Lacey Street
Glenwood, IA 51534