Lexington VA Medical Center - Leestown Division

The Lexington Veterans Affairs Medical Center is a fully accredited, two-division, tertiary care medical center with an operating bed complement of 199 hospital beds. The Leestown Division offers inpatient post-traumatic stress disorder treatment, nursing home care, hospice and palliative care, geriatrics, optometry, mental health, and polytrauma care,  as well as primary care and women's health services. Plans for an inpatient substance abuse treatment program, a teleretinal unit, and a polytrauma unit are underway. Currently, the Lexington VA Medical Center operates four community-based outpatient clinics in Berea, Somerset, Morehead, and Hazard, Kentucky, to provide primary care services to veterans located outside the Lexington area.

2250 Leestown Road
Lexington, KY 40511