A homonymous hemianopsia is the loss of half of the field of view on the same side in both eyes. It occurs frequently in stroke and traumatic brain injuries due to the way part of the optic nerve fibers from each eye crossover as they pass to the back of the brain. Therapy to develop scanning eye movements and new types of visual field expander lenses are helping patients return to a more normal life. Hemianopsia.net provides information about the latest options available to help hemianopsia patients.

Hemianopsia.net is produced by the Low Vision Centers of Indiana, a nationally recognized optometric practice that specializes in vision rehabilitation. The Centers are a leader in the low vision rehabilitation of patients with macular degeneration and visual impairments from stroke or other brain injury. They have developed innovative programs in the rehabilitation of visual field loss and in bioptic driving. The Centers welcome patients from across the United States and internationally.

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