Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center

The Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center is a two-division medical center that provides tertiary care in medicine, surgery, neurology, psychiatry, rehabilitation medicine, and spinal cord injury. The Downtown Division is authorized 155 beds (58 medicine, 37 surgery, and 60 spinal cord injury). The Uptown Division, located approximately three miles away, is authorized 315 beds (68 psychiatry, 15 blind rehabilitation, and 40 medical rehabilitation).  In addition, a 132-bed Restorative/Nursing Home Care Unit is located at the Uptown Division. They also have two Active-Duty Rehab Care Units to treat OEF/OIF active duty military personnel who require rehabilitation.

The Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center prides itself on continually improving and expanding its health care knowledge. The medical center enjoys a strong affiliation with the Medical College of Georgia.  The Augusta VAMC provides medical and allied health training to an average of more than 700 students and residents annually.

950 15th Street (downtown) or 1 Freedom Way (uptown)
Augusta, GA 30904