Bethesda Hospital

Brain Injury Services (BIS) at Bethesda has three brain injury Inpatient programs: Neurobehavioral Crisis and Assessment (NCA), Brain Injury Rehabilitation (BIR), and Neurobehavioral Brain Injury.

NCA: This program is for patients who exhibit severe behavioral problems as a result of acquired or traumatic brain injury, or need a brief assessment and meet acute psychiatric admission criteria.

BIR: Patients admitted to the Brain Injury Rehabilitation (BIR) program require intense rehabilitation in an acute care setting. They may be coping with cognitive and physical disabilities stemming from a stroke, acquired or traumatic brain injury, or a non-degenerative neurological disorder.

NBI: This program is designed for patients who have severe behavioral and emotional problems as a result of brain injury, which interferes with their daily functioning, preventing successful reintegration into the community.
The program is designed to allow for relatively lengthy hospitalizations. These patients have rehabilitation potential, but their behaviors interfere with progress in traditional rehabilitation programs.

Additionally, Bethesda also offers an outpatient clinic, which provides care for clients 18 years of age and older who are living in the community with a brain injury. The program offers an interdisciplinary approach to brain injury including medication management, psychology, and physical, occupational and speech therapy based on client needs. They first assess cognitive, behavioral and physical needs, then they develop individual treatment plans, incorporating behavioral management into the overall rehabilitation program.

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Brain Injury Inpatient Clinic
Brain Injury Outpatient Clinic