Abused & Brain Injured Toolkit

Abused & Brain Injured was created to draw attention to the widely unrecognized intersection of intimate partner violence and traumatic brain injury. In order to improve the lives of survivors as well as the working environment for frontline workers, this toolkit serves to provide information, resources, research and practice recommendations for providing trauma-informed service delivery. This toolkit is an evolving resource and as such, is constantly changing.

Who is this toolkit for?

Survivors and their friends and families

If you are a survivor, or a survivor's friend or family member, use this toolkit to learn about:

  • TBI 101
  • Survivor stories
  • Regional service providers
  • Mental health & TBI
  • Communication & TBI
  • Strategies to cope with TBI

Frontline workers

We want to help make your job easier. If you are a service provider, use this toolkit to learn about:

  • Communication challenges & how to adapt
  • Strategies for working with TBI/IPV clients
  • Barriers & facilitating factors
  • To screen or not to screen
  • Care guidelines
  • Referral resources
Abused & Brain Injured