Recommendations for Cognitive Rehabilitation for People with TBI

Recommendations for Cognitive Rehabilitation for People with TBI

A brief summary of current research.

Evidence-Based Cognitive Rehabilitation: Update Review of the Literature from 2003 Through 2008

Cicerone KD, Langenbahn DM, Braden C, Malec JF, Kalmar K, Fraas M, Felicetti T, Laatsch L, Harley JP, Bergquist T, Azulay J, Cantor J, Ashman T. (2011). Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Vol. 92 (4) , pp 519-530.

The third of its kind to date, this comprehensive literature review updates clinical recommendations for cognitive rehabilitation of people with traumatic brain injury and stroke. The authors report substantial evidence to support interventions for attention, memory, social communication skills, executive function, and for comprehensive-holistic neuropsychologic rehabilitation after TBI. Additionally, evidence supports visuospatial rehabilitation after right-hemisphere stroke, and interventions for aphasia and apraxia after left-hemisphere stroke.

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Posted on BrainLine May 10, 2011.

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