Recognizing Other People's Facial Expressions Can Be Hard for People with Brain Injury

Recognizing Other People’s Facial Expressions Can Be Hard for People with Brain Injury

A brief summary of current research.

Meta-Analysis of Facial Affect Recognition Difficulties After Traumatic Brain Injury

Babbage, DR, Yim, J, Zupan, B, Neumann, D, Tomita, MR & Willer, B. Neuropsychology, Vol 25 (3), pp 277-285.

People with traumatic brain injury often have difficulty with communication and social relationships. Some of these difficulties may be because people with a brain injury sometimes have trouble recognizing and/or interpreting other people’s facial expressions and emotions. In this review, the authors found that between 13 percent and 39 percent of people with moderate to severe brain injury may have significant difficulties recognizing facial emotions.

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Posted on BrainLine July 27, 2011.

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My mother! She always sees people she knows in public and thinks they are "snubbing" important to know this!

I have seen this many times in soldiers & Vets. They also can have trouble recognizing their own feelings & articulating them.