Obesity — a Risk Factor with TBI

Research Update: Obesity — a Risk Factor with TBI

A brief summary of current research.

Traumatic Brain Injury After Frontal Crashes: Relationship With Body Mass Index

Tagliaferri, F, Compagnone, C, Yoganandan, N, Gennarelli, TA. The Journal of Trauma: Injury, Infection, and Critical Care Vol. 66 (3) March 2009 pp 727-729.

This study found that clinically obese people (Body Mass Index >30) experienced a significant increase in death and injury severity after a frontal collision when compared to those not obese. Also, obese passengers are more likely to suffer a more severe head trauma after a frontal collision in a vehicle crash.

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Posted on BrainLine May 13, 2009.

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I was an acceptable weight, on 2/15 I suffered a 6th concussion in 8 yrs. I found I had ATAXIA from birth. Always falling, up, down, mostly on my head. A month a and a half ago, I started having seizures. But I want to EMPHASIZE*, after the last concussion I gained 50 lbs. It messed up my metabolism, my eyes, so much more. After 6 neurologists I now have a great neurologist. Never give up, research the good sources. NEJM.org. for one National Epilepsy Foundation.