Long-Term Issues Post-Brain Injury Can Affect Return to Work

Long-Term Issues Post-Brain Injury Can Affect Return to Work

A brief summary of current research.

A Prospective Study on Employment Outcome Three Years After Moderate to Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

Grauwmeijer E, Heijenbrok-Kal MH, Haitsma IK, Ribbers GM (2012). Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Vol. 93(6), pp 993-999.

In this study, only 15 percent of people with moderate or severe traumatic brain injury were employed three months after their injury; however, 55 percent were employed after three years. In addition, the study found that individuals with impaired cognitive skills and those with psychiatric issues were at highest risk for remaining unemployed long term.

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Posted on BrainLine August 23, 2012.

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People who have an ABI also have difficulty returning to work and remaining in employment. Some employers actively manage them out of their employment. Despite being a two ticks employer, the support for individuals isn\\\'t evident.