Fatigue After a Brain Injury Can Make Everything Feel Worse

Fatigue After a Brain Injury Can Make Everything Feel Worse

A brief summary of current research.

Unique Contribution of Fatigue to Disability in Community-Dwelling Adults with Traumatic Brain Injury

Juengst, S, Skidmore, E, Arenth, PM, Niyonkuru, C, and Raina, KD (2013). Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Vol. 94 (1), pp 74-79.

How does post-brain injury fatigue relate to a person’s view of his or her own disability? Researchers studied adults with brain injury and found that fatigue played an important role in how a person perceived the extent of their disability. Individuals with TBI identified fatigue as even more important than issues like severity of injury, history of depression, and executive functions in assessing their own level of disability.

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Posted on BrainLine May 22, 2013.

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It is the same for me.  I am continually fatigued and some people can be so cruel thinking I am lazy.  View me trying to tell the world of my tbi.  View me at www.youtube.com then www.artbymarilyn.net

Should be rest and be thinking then .
I have a daughter that was had a open head injury at 27 months she requires a lot of sleep is always tired and not very motivated at all. She is a left hemi. she needs about 12-16 hours a day to feel good.