Concussion and the Disruption of Hormone Production

Women During Their Child-Bearing Years May Recover More Slowly from a Mild TBI Than Men

Bazarian, JJ, Blyth, B, Mookerjee, S, He, H, & McDermott, MP (2010). Journal of Neurotrauma, 27(3): 527-539.

A brief summary of current research.

Three months after mild TBI, males had significantly lower chances of having post-concussive symptoms than females. These findings were most significant when comparing men and women when the women were of child-bearing age. Researchers suggest that this pattern of peak disability for females during the child-bearing years might be related to disruption of hormone production. The study also showed that there was no significant difference in the number of days it took both men and women to return to normal activities, or into the number of work days missed.

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Posted on BrainLine July 7, 2010.