The chronic and evolving neurological consequences of traumatic brain injury

Lindsay Wilson, William Stewart, Kristen Dams-O’Connor, Ramon Diaz-Arrastia, Lindsay Horton, David K Menon, Suzanne Polinder
graphic representation of a neuron

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) can have lifelong and dynamic effects on health and wellbeing. Research on the longterm consequences emphasises that, for many patients, TBI should be conceptualised as a chronic health condition. Evidence suggests that functional outcomes after TBI can show improvement or deterioration up to two decades after injury, and rates of all-cause mortality remain elevated for many years. Furthermore, TBI represents a risk factor for a variety of neurological illnesses, including epilepsy, stroke, and neurodegenerative disease. With respect to neurodegeneration after TBI, post-mortem studies on the long-term neuropathology after injury have identified complex persisting and evolving abnormalities best described as polypathology, which includes chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Despite growing awareness of the lifelong consequences of TBI, substantial gaps in research exist. Improvements are therefore needed in understanding chronic pathologies and their implications for survivors of TBI, which could inform long-term health management in this sizeable patient population.

Posted on BrainLine August 7, 2019.

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Could not agree with you more Brenda! Key points doctors and access... TBI’S are not a psychological problem they are an injury! Why are we rushed to the psych ward for this after a life of abuse and episodic injuries and there accumulative damage. We wouldn’t go to a shrink for broken bone, heart attack or other life threatening incident of which are catastrophic... so why then are we subjected to further damage from psychoactive drugs and not treated for the actual injury? My opinion is that of ignorance on the part of the medical community and the greed of big Farma yes FFFF as well as Pharma...that’s my rant take what you will from it! Neglected TBI and COMPLEX PTS [CAN WE PLEASE DROP THE DISORDER HERE] SUFFERER

Glad to see some attention going to the LONG TERM. I wish I had a stack of copies of this article. I would paper this town , especially the so-called hospital and then reach out to law makers. GIVE US SOME DOCTORS AND THE RIGHT TO ACCESS THEM! Thanks for speaking up!