Balance Issues Post-Concussion

Research Update: Balance Issues Post-Concussion

A brief summary of current research.

Balance deficits after sports-related concussion in individuals reporting post-traumatic headache

Register-Mihalik JK, Mihalik JP, Guskiewicz KM. Neurosurgery. 2008 Jul;63(1):76-80; discussion 80-2.

This study reports that people who persist with post-traumatic headache can have difficulties with balance in addition to the already recognized problems with thinking skills.

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Posted on BrainLine April 9, 2009.

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Hi I got hit by a lorry head on a couple of months ago and now I have terrible dizziness and lots of pain in my head like pressure building up in it and it's no joke, I am selfempolyed and have got to work but it's taking its toll on me, I just have to lean on a wall or someone as I would fall over , I feel like I am tipping forward all the time and that's just one of the problems I have but there is lots more so I am just trying to deal with it day to day

my daughter had brain injury on 21 august 2015. she was unconscious for 2 and 1/2 months and finally she is fully conscious but she has balance problem. she walks unsteadily. Can anyone reply me how long until she gains body balance?

Yes balance does not come easy until you adjust to your own inbalance/dizziness... never lock your legs to make up for it you will pass out