Why Is It So Critical to Treat Depression in People with Brain Injury?


Why is it so critical to treat depression in people with a brain injury?


We know that depression after brain injury is exceedingly common. There’s so much that can be at play in terms of the actual brain injury itself, but then all of the myriad changes that happen in somebody’s life go on top of that. This is one of those things that impacts literally every facet of a patient’s life: their relationships, their work, their finances, their recreational life, everything.

So I think when you have a change of that magnitude, it’s clearly going to impact people emotionally, and depression is something that often is part of the picture in terms of the recovery. It's so important for a patient to be able to recognize that and to seek treatment for it as it is before it becomes something that is making their recovery that much more difficult. There’s already enough that is on their plate. We don’t need a clinical depression on top of it to make it even more challenging.

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Posted on BrainLine August 7, 2018.