How Many Concussions Are Too Many for a Young Athlete?

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My 13 yo son has had two concussion on record with the MD, but more minor head injuries we managed at home. He was hit in lax in mid-may and while he feels fine, he actually has nystagmus (twitchy eyes) we wouldn't have noticed were it not necessary for him to get checked by an MD. He still isn't cleared for contact sports and we have an appointment with a neurological opthamologist next month. To all of you athletes - you might feel fine but you might be exhibiting other, more subtle symptoms, and the long term impacts are not yet understood. Please get yourself checked asap. I'm hoping I can persuade my son quit lax and soccer and switch to tennis or track. My coworker has a son who has had a drop in IQ due to soccer related concussions. It's really bad.

Hi, Im 17 years old and I've probably had 14 or more concussions in hockey. This past year I have had 4. Is it time for me to stop playing hockey? Or is it safe to continue.

It's time to stop buddy. At least move to a non-contact league.

Im 16 and i play travel softball ive had about 8 concussions 4 of which were bad concussions with terrible headaches, naseua, and being knocked out on impact. The other 4 i have had were not as bad but my symptoms are seeming to get worse the more i have. Should i stop playing?

Yes stop playing. i'm 17 and i've had 6 concussions. They were all sustained in a two year period.
i have post concussion syndrome from the second one so i dont advise turning into me haha

this depends if your symptoms are frequent if not and you are not experiencing any difficulties you should be fine

It would be advisable to stop playing hockey for a while. If you are experiencing any symptoms of concussion, you should get checked by a doctor who specializes in head injury and concussion.
I would recommend a year off of hockey (or longer if necessary) unless you feel you are ready.
Make sure to check for symptoms such as headaches, nausea, balance problems, dizziness, fatigue, sensitivity to noise or light, loss of appetite, and insomnia. There are more symptoms, but those are the more noticeable ones.

Don't ask people online! Get into a DR. APPT. With a neurologist! Your life + future are more important than hockey! I have never heard of anyone having so so many concussions! Please get professional advice!
I'm 18 and I have 12 concussions and I'm still doing sports would it be a good idea to stop doing sports?

no play sports

As a hockey trainer, and a hockey Dad, I would say 4 concussions over one season is a high number. If you are playing competitively, I would seek out specialist advise to your susceptibility. The reality is, every time you are concussed, you are injuring your brain. Let me ask you this, if you suffered recurring sprains in your knee, would you continue to play? If you are playing recreational hockey, I would suggest taking a year off to fully recover before returning.
The young men stating such a high number of concussions literally need their heads examined by a concussion specialist. Our son is 14 and plays football, basketball and baseball and received his fourth concussion just today during a game and will see the specialist tomorrow and we will follow his recommendation. Granted their is always recovery time and it will be followed to the letter. Recovery and rest are essential in order that he may rejoin his team. Each year there is a baseline done by the district to evaluate potential concussions. I suggest anyone who has kids playing contact sports, have one done.
I'm 15 and have had 6 concussions, one every year from skiing. In the same night recently I got a concussion, went back out, and managed a massive blow to the head. Should I stop skiing?
I’ve had 4 concussions in my life 3 while playing hockey and I’m almost 19 years old haven’t been knocked out on any of them. I got my first one 7 years ago and never had 2 in the same year and had about 1 1/2 years between a couple of them. I was an average student throughout high school. I just get post concussion syndrome and anxiety gets high. I have taken impact test after my 4 concussion and the scores came back of someone who has never had any sort of trauma to there brain. Just deciding when I call it quits on my hockey career so I have a safe future?
I am 13 years old and have 6 concussions
yall should stop playing sports if you have more then 10 concussions\
Hi, I'm 13 and I've had 3 concussions. All three while playing basketball. I got one when I was 12, and the second two in the same year when I was 13. Now if I get a hit to the head I get dizzy, and a headache. Everything gets really bright and looking at my phone is something I can't do. Even a light tap to the head can cause these problems. I don't want to quit sports but if I need to I will. Not sure what to do...

Seriously just wait until you don't have any symptoms and fully recover. Take ATLEAST a year or two off from the sport or at least from competition. You are too young, your brain is still developing and anything that you do or happens to your body will have an effect on it. Sleep and rest is your best friend. okuurrrt?!¿¡! You only have one brain, its irreplaceable.. Talk to your doctor!!!

I am a mother of 3 teenage boys that all play a lot of sports. I think if you have these concussion symptoms triggered so easily you should stop playing because your brain has not fully recovered. definitely go and see your family doctor and get expert advice.

Yes this is what has happened to me I don't know what to do.