Does Using Memory Strategies Strengthen Memory?

Does Using Memory Strategies Strengthen Memory?

Does relying on a memory compensatory strategy weaken or strengthen memory?



Sometimes people think that they will not be strengthening their memory or they’re not using their memory well if they rely on a compensatory strategy. So when we work with people who have brain injuries, we try to explain that use of a compensatory strategy is not making your memory weaker but can actually make your memory stronger. Every time you use that strategy, you’re actively practicing it. You’re writing something down, you’re entering something in your phone, you’re looking at it, you’re getting into a routine and that type of thing can actually kind of help with your functional memory performance so you’re remembering the important things that you want to remember.

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Posted on BrainLine August 7, 2018.

About the author: Allison N. Clark, MD

Dr. Clark is an assistant professor in the department of PM&R at Baylor College of Medicine and research scientist at the Brain Injury Research Center at TIRR Memorial Hermann. A clinical neuropsychologist by training, her areas of interest include emotional functioning following acquired brain injury, knowledge translation, group interventions, and cognitive rehabilitation.

Dr. Allison N. Clark